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Wednesday, May 14, 1834   Joseph Anton Schwarz

Joseph Anton Schwarz was born in Germany. He emigrated to America in 1853 and for seven years was connected with the brewing business in New York and Milwaukee, after which he crossed the plains to cast his fortunes among the mines of California.

He made a home in Oroville, California, where he prospected for gold there for several years.  Finding little success, he went to San Francisco and once again pursued the beer business. He was in the employ of various brewers there until 1870, when he founded the North Beach Weiss Beer Brewery, which he ran for the remainder of his years.

Joseph Anton Schwarz died on January 9, 1904 at the age of 69 years. His brewery continued under his name for another 10 years, after which it passed through several owners before finally closing in 1916.

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