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Tuesday, May 21, 1839   Friedrich Wilhelm Bingel

Friedrich Wilhelm Bingel was born in Baden, Germany. By all accounts "William" Bingel was an energetic, enterprising and well-liked pioneer Coloradan. He got in to the brewing business in Pueblo at age 32 where he partnered with Thomas Metzger to form the Bingel & Co. Brewery. The next year he built a brewery annex at a picturesque location by the river. He sank a well, but found the water was too salty for beer, so in 1875 he sold his Pueblo brewery and moved production up the mountain to Del Norte, where he thrived for many years.

In 1891 Mr. Bingel's fortunes began to shift. His businesses suffered reversals. His wife Mary left him. In April he was arrested for breaching the peace and released on bond. On April 23, 1891 William Bingel mixed poison in a flask of whiskey and walked up into the mountains. Friends found the suicide note and rode out immediately to search his immense ranch. He was found the next day lodged in a crevice in a ledge of rock. He died before the search party was able to get him to town. He was 52 years old.

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