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Sunday, November 5, 1939   Emil Rothengatter

Emil Rothengatter, an artist famous for his bock beer posters, died at age 91. His "E. Roe" can be seen on many pre-Prohibition lithographs, and some in the post-Prohibition era as well. Rothengatter had a talent for depicting fanciful animals, as his portfolio is also deep in circus art. He was a illustrator for the humor magazine Puck, and was an artist at Currier and Ives. He was instrumental in the development of the lithograph process. On January 23, 1896 he designed the flag for the city of Cincinnati, the design of which is still in use today. When he died the New York Times tribute was no less than twelve paragraphs long. Emil Rothengatter is one of the little-known giants of the breweriana world.

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