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Schmulbach Brewing Company of Wheeling, West Virginia, USA

Dates Trade Name Historic Address
1855 - 1873 Frederick Ziegler 33rd & Wetzel Streets
1873 - 1882 Nail City Brewing Company 33rd & Wetzel Streets
1882 - 1914 Schmulbach Brewing Company 33rd & Wetzel Streets
  • The Fate of the Brewery building is unknown



3rd March 1821    

Friederich Ernest Ziegler was born in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.  He emigrated to America in 1837 and worked with engineer John A. Roebling in bridge production.   In 1850... View More

1855     FoundedFrederick Ziegler33rd & Wetzel Streets


26th March 1864    

The Wheeling (West Virginia) Daily Register publishes a notice announcing a rise in the price of beer.

1873     Nail City Brewing Company33rd & Wetzel Streets

1882     Schmulbach Brewing Company33rd & Wetzel Streets


23rd November 1909    

The Schmulbach Brewing Co. trademarks their Bird S monogram logo.

1914 ClosedSchmulbach Brewing Company