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Saturday, September 8, 1860   John Martin Enzbrenner

John Martin Enzbrenner was born. He was the son of George Enzbrenner, the owner of the Enzbrenner Brewery in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Although he had a ready-made career in his father's brewery John decided to become a baker instead. Fate, however had other things in store for him. Upon the sudden death of his brother in 1882 the thriving family firm was left without a manager. At first the estate decided to sell off the brewery to the highest bidder, but when no satisfactory bids came 21-year-old John stepped in to the position. He renamed it the Empire Brewery and ran it successfully, despite his having virtually no experience in manufacturing bread in its liquid form. In 1896 Enzbrenner sold the Empire Brewery to John Kazmeier. Kazmeier renamed it the Germania and ran the company until Prohibition shut it down in 1920. After a fourteen year adventure in the brewery business Enzbrenner returned to his first career and opened a bakery on 7th Avenue. John Martin Enzbrenner died on the 9th of December 1930, a happy, wealthy, retired baker. He was 70 years of age.

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