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Parkersburg Brewing Company of Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA

Dates Trade Name Historic Address
1859 - 1874 Rapp & Hebrank Lager Beer Brewery 440 Broadway Road
1874 - 1890 Hebrank & Rapp 440 Broadway Road
1889 - 1914 Parkersburg Brewing Co. 652 7th St
1960 - 1970 Curry Transport & Storage 652 7th St
  • Closed by WV State Prohibition in 1914 Became a soda bottling company 1920s? Building was razed in 2004



27th January 1809    

Charles "Carl" Hebrank was born in Hohen, Germany.  He was a trained brewer.  In 1853 he emigrated to America with his wife, Cartherine, and their children and settled in P... View More


4th April 1834    

Marcus Rapp was born in Gerlingen, Württemberg, Germany. In 1874 he partnered with Louis Hebrank to form the Hebrank & Rapp Brewery in Parkersburg, West Virginia. In 1889 they changed the ... View More


23rd March 1837    

Louis Hebrank was born in Hohenzell, Bayern, Germany. In 1853, at age 16, he emigrated to America with his parents, brothers and sister. The young family settled in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

... View More

1859     FoundedRapp & Hebrank Lager Beer Brewery440 Broadway Road

1874     Hebrank & Rapp440 Broadway Road


Circa: 1880    

1889     Parkersburg Brewing Co.652 7th St


Circa: 1900    


Circa: 1905    

1960     Curry Transport & Storage652 7th St


Circa: 2000    

1970 ClosedCurry Transport & Storage