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Monday, September 16, 1822   Phillip Scheuermann

Phillip Scheuermann, one of the founders of what would become the Bosch Brewery of Houghton Michigan, was born in Bavaria. In 1848 Scheuermann fled political upheaval in Bavaria and made his way to America to start a new life. He settled in the Upper Peninsula Michigan town of Houghton where he engaged in the business side of the copper mining industry.

In 1863 he Frank Mayworth & Adam Youngman purchased William Ault's Union Brewery in that town. In 1875 Scheuermann bought out the other investors. The brewery quickly grew to be the most substantial brewery in the Upper Peninsula.

On March 3rd, 1898 Phillip Scheuermann died after a lingering illness. He was forty six years old. The next year the Bosch Brewery in Lake Linden purchased the brewery from the Scheuermann estate and shifted most of their production to the Houghton branch. The brewery survived Prohibition and continued to dominate the UP brewing industry until it it closed in 1973 during the big brewery consolidation era.

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