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Monday, June 13, 1842   Adolph Kamm

Adolph Kamm was born in Zöbingen Oberamt Ellwangen, Germany. He was brought to America at age eight by his parents, who were fleeing unrest in Prussia. At age 16, he left home and pursued the brewing trade in Ohio and Indiana. In 1870, he and Clemens Dick purchased John Wagner's brewery in Mishawaka, Indiana. In 1880 Kamm's brother-in-law Nicholas Schellinger purchased Dick's interest which created the famous partnership Kamm & Schellinger. Adolph Kamm died during Prohibition on the 16th of December 1930. In 1933 his brewery once again began producing beer and would survive another 18 years.

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The Kamm & Schellinger Brewing Company of Mishawaka, Indiana, USA

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