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Friday, August 4, 1871   Albert Ernest Becker

Albert Ernest Becker was born in Winona, Minnesota. He was a son of the pioneer Minnesota brewer John S. Becker, who with his wife Katharine Marie (Fehr) raised Albert and his siblings in the Becker family brewery on the bluffs of the Mississippi. In the late 1880s Albert relocated to Chicago, Illinois to take a opportunity in the West Side Brewery in that city. He had risen to the position of Superintendent of the firm before his father and older brother Gustav Lorenz summoned him to Ogden, Utah to help manage the brewery they had just purchased from their former partner in Winona, William Schellhas. Albert arrived in Ogden in January of 1893 and was installed as Vice President. Becker's Bohemian Beer was released on April 1st. The Becker Brewing & Malting Co. was the first brewery in Northern Utah and its location in the town of Ogden was perfect. Ogden served nine railroads and had been nicknamed "Junction City" for the connection at Ogden Station of two of the largest, the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific. Along with a daily supply of new customers the town was fed with fresh mountain water coming from Ogden Canyon. The brewery thrived and became a regional powerhouse, sending its product from Colorado to the West Coast and north to the Canadian border. In 1902 Becker married Josephine Aadnesen who sadly died in childbirth in 1909. In 1910 Albert remarried to Nellie Jane Carruth. Between them Albert fatherered eight children. In 1918 Utah prohibition laws forced the Becker Brewery to move its beer making business across the border to Evanston, Wyoming and the Ogden plant was converted to the soda pop and near beer business. Beer-making returned to Ogden upon the repeal of the Volstead Act in 1933 and the newly dubbed Becker Products Co. debuted their new flagship "Becker's Best" in 1934. The Wyoming plant shut its doors in 1951 but the Ogden brewery continued on. Albert Ernest Becker died on the 15th of January, 1961 at 89 years of age. His brewery was closed just four years later.

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