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Eldredge Brewing Company of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA

Dates Trade Name Historic Address
1858 - 1870 Michael Fisher & Co. (Herman Eldredge) 24/26 Bow Street
1870 - 1874 Herman Eldredge & Son (Marcellus) 24/26 Bow Street
1874 - 1885 Herman Eldredge & Sons 24/26 Bow Street
1885 - 1916 Eldredge Brewing Company 24/26 Bow Street
  • The Fate of the Brewery building is unknown



24th November 1838    

Marcellus Eldridge was born.  He was president of the Eldridge Brewing Company, the largest brewery in the state of New Hampshire

1858     FoundedMichael Fisher & Co. (Herman Eldredge)24/26 Bow Street

1870     Herman Eldredge & Son (Marcellus)24/26 Bow Street

1874     Herman Eldredge & Sons24/26 Bow Street

1885     Eldredge Brewing Company24/26 Bow Street


Portsmouth Ale
Portsmouth Lager Beer
Portsmouth Porter

Begin: 1895     End 1916

1895 - 1916

12th March 1898    

Marcellus Eldridge, son of brewery founder Herman Eldridge and esteemed New Hampshireite, died. His wife had proceeded him in death by only a few hours. The left no children.

Circa: 1900    


13th May 1919    

H. Fisher Eldridge of the Eldridge Brewing Co., of Portsmouth, NH, died at age sixty-five years.

1916 ClosedEldredge Brewing Company